As an attorney, you understand the importance of networking with your clients, prospects and referral sources. E2M provides a proven educational marketing system that ENGAGES subscribers year round and it is all done for you - from helping build your template to sending to your list and beyond!

  • High quality articles tailored to your opt-in subscribers, emailed monthly
  • Custom newsletter template with your photo, company colors, and customized text section (view a sample newsletter)
  • Detailed weekly reports help track the success of your campaigns (view a sample report)
  • Realtime alerts when someone engages with your newsletter
  • Social media engagement
  • List management and reporting
    • Automated bounce and unsubscribe management
    • Provided widgets help you add subscribers via your website, email correspondence and other marketing activities
    • E-mail address exclusivity insures no other attorney can send our newsletter to someone on your list!
Content Marketing Features
  • Monthly articles on a variety of Estate Planning topics
  • View an example of unique content, delivered every month
  • Newsletter embedded in your web site provides fresh content every month
  • Use on your blog, newsletters, social media and more!
  • Audio version providing your recipients an option to hear your newsletter


Connect with clients, prospects and referral sources by email, one of the easiest and effective ways to market your business.

It's all done for you!

  • Keeps your list fresh and growing
  • Builds client rapport and trust
  • Saves time: Our content, our time, your results!
  • Elevates leads to prospects by becoming a thought leader in your industry
  • Helps build your referral network

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • "I would love to send a newsletter but I can't think of enough things to write."
  • "I want to market more consistently, but every time I start, something comes along that will generate immediate cash flow."
  • "If the choice is between my son's recital, my daughter's soccer and the newsletter, the newsletter loses. And it always loses."

Today's client needs to be educated - not sold. Experience the power of a personalized email marketing campaign and watch your business grow. Go beyond traditional digital newsletters and take advantage of "Call to Action" links to engage your audience and start a dialogue!

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